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ACCOUNTING-science, arose on the border between mathematics and black magic

The frequent changes in the laws in Bulgaria imply a lot of reading, but also very analytical thought. Each activity has its specifics in reporting, that is why the accounting service is taken over after a detailed conversation with the manager/owner of the company:

  • we specify in detail the ideas for the development of the activity;
  • the financial status of the company at the moment;
  • accounting and tax consultation according to the presented characteristics and specifics in order to optimize costs;
  • opportunities and willingness to finance the activity through various credit lines from financial institutions or financing under current programs of the European Union, opportunity to discuss the chances of applying for current European programs, concerning the activity and development of human resources with an experienced consultant and, accordingly, interim and final accounting of completed projects.


In view of the specified details and desire for partnership, follows:

  • complete accounting and TP service;
  • consultations by phone, online or in person as needed;
  • preparation of reports for interim and annual accounting closure according to specified specifics, characteristic features and last but not least – ideas and intentions of the manager;
  • preparing financial analyzes according to the information provided.

More about Velislava Ilcheva

My mission is your financial peace of mind
I am Velislava Ilcheva and from 1996 Mr. I deal with accounting and finance in all fields of activity. As boring as accounting may seem, it has become my passion over the years, looking for the interesting side of this science – creative approach and analyticity. My dream was to realize my own business in this direction and to manage it in this way, as I imagined, that an accountant and financier should work, to be useful to the employer, and to himself, this is why I personally run my business and build healthy and beneficial relationships with my clients.

The approach to each client is individual and this is not just a trivial advertisement – meetings with each client are weekly, if necessary and more frequent – in person or online, in the form of: friendly meeting-conversation-on arising cases, concerns, intentions, achievements and, accordingly, proposals for solutions and opportunities.
If you have any qualms about financial and accounting cases that have arisen, desire and intention for own business and company registration or the development of an existing one, new business idea, dissatisfaction with previous service - you have come to the right place - together we will reach the appropriate solutions.
I work in partnership with a lawyer, who specialized in the field of commerce, company and contract law, including establishment of all types of commercial companies, including non-profit legal entities, and changes to them, conversion, commercial transactions and debt collection.
My philosophy is to assist in obtaining maximum benefits from business ventures with opportunities for minimal tax-insurance burden.

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